We Use An Air Cell Extraction Upholstery Cleaning System

Fast Drying and Safe for all Fabrics…even Leather!

*Used by Boeing Aircraft.

  • Super-fast drying
  • No over-wetting dangers
  • Seating goes back in use almost immediately
  • No sticky, re-soiling residue remains

Fabrics dry extremely fast, giving a fresh new appearance to all types of upholstery fabrics including velvet, raw cotton, Jacquard weaves, tapestries, brocades; even leather.

This unique system’s cleaning agent is only 10% moisture when applied and is also ideal for fabric-covered office partitions, carpet and upholstery spot removal, stairs and risers, as well as vehicle interior detailing. The possibilities are endless. Car, van, mobile home, RV, boat, aircraft seating and interior space can be effectively cleaned, with only minutes of drying time.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses Should Be Cleaned Regularly By A Professional Cleaner Using Green Seal Certified Cleansers To Reduce Allergens.

House Dust Mites Live On Dead Skin That Falls Off When You Sleep. It’s Not The Dust Mite Itself That Can Be Harmful, But The Fecal Matter From The Dust Mite Which Is Lighter Than Air And Becomes Airborne As You Toss And Turn In The Night, Causing You To Breath Them In. Indoor Air Pollution Ranks Consistently Among The Top Five Environmental Risks To The Public Health.You Sleep 1/3 Of Your Life Which Means You Are Breathing In The Fecal Matter More Heavily Eight Hours Out Of The Day.

Latest Research Shows That 40% Of The Canadians That Suffer From Any Type Of Allergy, Suffer Because Of The Dust Mites That Are Accumulated In The Mattress And The Rest Of The Household. It’s Also Known That 90% Of People Who Suffer From Asthma Have An Allergy To The House Dust Mite.