If you love being host or hostess for neighborhood gatherings or holiday parties, it’s important that your home is ready for guests. You spend the time cleaning and organizing, making your house presentable and comfortable when people arrive. If your carpets could use some attention, or you’ve just had a party were there were a few unfortunate food or drink spills, call Green Space Services for professional carpet cleaning service in Kamloops.

We take carpet cleaning seriously and when you call us for help, we’ll provide you with the highest level service. If you want the entire carpet cleaned, we’ll discuss our complete process with you, or if there are just some trouble spots that need the most attention, we’ll apply the same amount of energy to those. We only use green cleaning products, which lowers the chemical impact on your home and keeps the air inside your home pure. We’ll pre-vacuum, pre-spray, and pre-treat your carpet, getting it ready for an extensive cleaning, and you can look forward to fresh-smelling and fresh-looking floors for your next gathering.

As a homeowner, you take pride in your house and you want to share that with everyone that comes to visit. If you’re planning a party in the near future, or if you’ve just had one that left your carpets looking a bit sad, call Green Space Services right away. We guarantee to provide the very best carpet cleaning in Kamloops, making your home look and smell as clean as it did the day you moved in.